Wanderlei Silva Training

Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com

Fighters Only Magazine gets the ‘Axe Murderer’ to talk about his next opponent, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin.

… incredible, because he is the last champion before Anderson. He is a great fighter, a complete fighter and it is a good first fight for me in this division…. I didn’t see this fight [with Henderson] but I have seen two or three of his fights. He is complete – good ground, good stand-up, good takedowns, and I think he is a very good fight for me. I am bringing in several sparring partners from Brazil that are also complete fighters, I will be ready for him.

It’s really too bad that Franklin is such a tough guy to hate. I must admit that I much more enjoy Wanderlei when he is talking about how many knees to the face his victim opponent is going take when they meet in the Octagon, and that is why the last fight with Jackson was so compelling. Well, that and the fact that Wanderlei had totally dismantled him during their PRIDE encounters.

This should be a good fight, however, and their styles should match up well against each other. With BJ Penn spending quality family time over the next little while and Randy Couture looking to fight at UFC 101, there is a very real possibility that this bout will headline the Germany card.

I am loving this fight as a co-main event, but as a main event? Not so much. It’s no secret that the UFC wants to explode into Germany, so it should be interesting to see if they can secure Mirko Cro Cop to boost the star power of this event. If they can’t, they will really need to pull some kind of trick from out of their sleeve.

Or not. Who are we kidding, after all? The event will still surely sell out, and with this event being jammed in between the Lesner/Mir rematch at UFC 98 and UFC 100, it is the perfect opportunity to get back onto Spike TV and show a numbered event for free.

Tape delayed, of course.