Ken Shamrock

“Ha, ha, I’m so fucked!”

And guess who he’s fighting? Bloody Elbow has the scoop.

Sources close to Bloody Elbow can exclusively confirm that the heretofore unnamed opponent of former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley set to square off at Roy Jones Jr.’s mixed boxing and MMA event known as “March Badness” is none other than Ken Shamrock. The Lashley vs. Shamrock bout is part of an hybrid boxing-mixed martial arts card being assembled and promoted by former Ring Magazine pound-for-pound greatest boxer alive in Roy Jones, Jr. Jones’s promotional company, Square Ring Promotions, Inc., has scheduled the event to take place at the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida and will be broadcast live on pay-per-view.The event itself is scheduled for March 21st.

Ken Shamrock is taking a huge leap in competition after beating up on Ross Clifton. Lashley is a decorated wrestler and his athleticism is comparable with the best that mixed martial arts has to offer. The only thing that Ken Shamrock has on his side in this match-up is his experience, but let’s be honest, that should probably be the case in all the fights that Ken takes from here on out.

One thing that is for certain is that no one has a lot of experience when putting on a boxing/mixed martial arts hybrid event, and even though these might not be best match-ups from a competition point of view, adding big names to this card will only help draw interest and push buy rates. Or at least force people to find other means to catch the fights. I suppose that has to be a good move, right?

I think this is the part where I am required to point out that ‘anything can happen in a mixed martial arts fight and we shouldn’t count anyone out’ but I’m going to skip that this time. I can’t figure out if Ken thinks he has a chance, or if he simply is trying to cash in while he can. Truth be told, it’s probably a bit of both, which is really too bad since Ken Shamrock could have bowed out with a great deal of dignity in tact.