Rashad EvansFighters Only reveals the news.

UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans has signed a new deal with the UFC, Fighters Only has learned. The light-heavyweight champion agreed to the new contract – which will extend his time with the UFC – on Friday evening. Details of the new contract were not available at time of writing.

Since Rashad got his start with the UFC on TUF, he was subject to the very shitty average contract that all former UFC reality stars must sign. It does appear, however, that he was taken off of that contract awhile back, and is now set to make some real money. As champion of the UFC’s marquee division, Rashad Evans was in a strong position to re-negotiate his deal, and he and his camp seem pleased with the paydays they are sure to receive now.

If there’s two things that UFC fighters want, it’s money and a championship belt. Rashad Evans now has both, and after the wonderful 2008 he enjoyed, he deserves them.

The competition won’t get any easier, however, and the bulls-eye on the champ’s back just got that much larger.