Marcus Davis

If you pick a fight with Marcus Davis, there’s one thing he’s guaranteed not to do—back down.

After UFC 95, that’s exactly what Dan Hardy did, and like he’s done in the past, Marcus not only accepted the challenge, he went to straight to Joe Silva, and told him to make the fight happen. And, it appears Silva has obliged. According to Five Oz., the fight is scheduled to take place at UFC 99.

A verbal feud between Dan Hardy and Marcus Davis has culminated in an official bout between the two being scheduled for UFC 99 in Cologne, Germany on June 13. learned of the matches formal scheduling for the event from a source close to the fight.

Not all fighters let the trash talking get to them, but as Davis revealed to MMA Weekly, something about Hardy struck a nerve in him.

“I’m 35 years old, and that whole talking (expletive) thing, it shouldn’t affect me. It shouldn’t get under my skin. But I don’t know what it is, man, about that kid. I don’t know if it’s his face…that smirk he makes. But something about it gets under my skin.

“It was a long time ago, I was a different person. I used to react off of emotion and anger. I had two emotions. I was either laughing, or I was pissed off. And I feel like I’m getting dragged back into that. When his name gets brought up or I hear anything, my girlfriend, or my friends, they just tell me, ‘calm down.’ I literally sweat on the back of my hands when I hear his name. I just don’t like this kid.”

UFC 99 may not have Penn vs Florian or the return of Cro Cop, but with fights like Wandy vs Franklin, Swick vs Saunders, and now Davis vs Hardy, Germany is going to get on hell of an exciting introduction to mixed martial arts and the UFC.