Aleksander Emelianenko

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Some of you might remember that Paul Buentello was scheduled to face Aleksander Emelianenko during Afflictions inaugural card, only to have Aleks pulled off the card at the last minute. Though no one quite knew for sure why Fedor’s younger brother wasn’t given his chance to compete, many various rumors have been afloat.

Was he too late getting to the venue? Was his paper work not filled out properly? Does he have hepatitis? Paul Buentello thinks everyone knows the real truth.

You’re referring to Aleksander Emelianenko pulling out of the fight that you guys were scheduled to have last summer, when the California State Athletic Commission refused to sanction him at the last minute. Have you ever gotten a straight answer on what happened there?
Yeah, they told me. Everybody knows, but I don’t want to say it on the record. But everybody knows the reason why. The truth is out there. I don’t want to get the Commission mad at me for saying what they told me, but everybody knows.

I understand why you don’t want to say, but Aleksander is fighting in other countries. Don’t you think his opponents in other countries have a right to know why he isn’t allowed to fight in California anymore?
Oh, totally. His opponents need to know. Everybody thinks boxing commissions are a bad thing fo the sport, but they’re a good thing for the sport. They’re there to protect the fighters. The commissions only go to the borders of the United States. It would be nice if it was international.

I can only assume that Buentello is alleging here that hepatitis is the reason that Aleks was not allowed to fight for Affliction, or in California anymore at all these days. Someone is going to need to clear up this situation, and they are going to need to do so rather quickly. It is ridiculous to believe that anyone would accept a match with Aleks until this is cleared up, and it will take the CSAC to make things right here, either way.

Although this leads me to believe that this rumor might hold weight, I still don’t think it’s fair to pass judgement on Aleksander until we do know all of the facts for certain. This is a mans livelihood we are dealing with and his reputation is clearly at stake here. If he knowingly has hepatitis and is still fighting, that is simply retarded using poor judgment.

Someone close to Aleks must know what is going on, and I can safely say that if I was a training partner of his, I wouldn’t continue to train until I had his word that his health is in check. It’s about time someone, anonymous or not, came out and spoke on behalf of Aleks and all of his future opponents.