Aleksander EmelianenkoIf you haven’t heard already, Aleksander Emelianenko has parted way with the Red Devil fight team in Russia, and home to his brother Fedor Emelianenko.

The split appears to be amicable, and a long time coming. Aleks comments on parting with the team below, via

Hello! I think you already heard about the changes in my career. If you haven’t, I’ll explain in a few words: with the agreement from both sides my contract with Red Devil is revoked. This means that I became a free agent and don’t have any commitments for anybody.

I will say right away that there was no conflict between us. I asked the club president Vadim Filkenstein to remove all contractual obligations from me connecting me to “Red Devil”, as well as their obligations for me. Vadim was not against this. But we have also agreed, that as a promoter he will still offer me to participate in some events and fights, and I will review those offers. I asked Vadim to put me down for the next Affliction event, which will happen in the Summer, since I have the contract with Americans for three fights. Currently there is no concrete answer, since it is not yet known when exactly this event will take place, and who will be participating. But nothing is interfering with me fighting on such a big show in America.

But the most important result of all these changes – is that I will not depend on anybody anymore. I want to move independently in a few areas, such as advertising, relationships with sponsors, PR. In recent years I have formed a solid team, where I have a main manager, PR-managers, people who handle advertising and work with sponsors; so on this day I’m not in the need of services of some organization, or some club. I will fight with whomever I want and wherever I want.

Also I can say that in the past 24 hours, since it was officially announced that the contract was revoked, I have received a large amount of offers to fight, as well as sponsorship deals. There were also offers to fight for other teams. Right now I cannot say which organizations, since the negotiations have just begun, but I’m sure that now I will fight more often. I have made an important decision, and it should become a step forward for me.

I can no longer train in the gym of the “Red Devil” club, but that’s not a problem. Any gym in Petersburg will accept me with open arms. And the most important thing is that my trainer – Yuri Razumov is staying with me.

My next fight, as planned, will be on March 29 in Rostov-na-Donu against our famous heavyweight Ibragim Magomedov at the international event “ProFC – Russia vs Europe”

That’s it for now. I will publish the answers to your questions next week. Bye.

The interesting part of Aleks’ comments is he still believes there’s nothing stopping him from competing in the US for Affliction, while virtually every other individual with knowledge of what caused the CSAC to cancel his Affliction “Banned” fight continues to insinuate that the hepatitis rumors are true.

Sure would be nice if someone with first-hand knowledge of the situation would confirm it one way or another, so at least if does have it, he won’t endanger any potential opponents in unregulated parts of the world.