Brock Lesnar vs Frank MirThe rumored flip-flop turned out to be the decision the UFC made to handle the situation caused by Frank Mir’s knee injury.

Instead of Mir-Lesnar headlining UFC 98 as recently announced, the fight will be moved to UFC 100 to give Mir adequate time to recover and train. Because of the that, and with Rampage Jackson’s victory over Keith Jardine tonight, Jackson will get his opportunity to reclaim his light heavyweight title against Rashad in the main event at UFC 98.

Both announcements were made during tonight’s UFC 96 pay-per-view broadcast.

The only fighter who seems to be hurt by the switch is Rampage, although judging by the words exchanged between him and Rashad following his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan earlier tonight, I don’t think he cares too much about a shorter training camp. Guess I was wrong, see update.

Once again, the depth of the UFC’s roster helps them avert what could have very well been a disaster for any other promoter.

Quick Update: BE’s Rome heard on Steve Cofield’s post-event radio show that Rampage may not accept the fight for UFC 98.

Rampage Jackson was just on Steve Cofield’s radio show. His rant on Ariel Helwani was amazing, but the big news was that he isn’t sure he wants to take the fight with Rashad so quickly. He said he has a couple injuries he wants to take care of and he doesn’t know if he wants to fight so soon.

As Rome mentioned, if need be, I don’t see why they couldn’t slide GSP-Alves up to May (assuming both fighters were OK with it), and keep Rashad-Rampage at UFC 100. Actually, I think I like that idea better. We’ll let you know if any changes get made.

Update II: Neither fight is definite now. Also, GSP was reportedly asked to fight on May 23 but turned it down (via FightOpinion).