• Hamill, Jackson and Jardine took home $60k “Fight of the…” bonuses
  • Mark Munoz is fine, Dana was worried about Pete Sell, went to the hospital for MRI, no word on his status yet
  • Dana says only a couple refs do a good job in the business. Says Yves usually does good, but was horrible during the Brown-Sell fight. Says Herb Dean and Mario Yamasaki are good
  • Rampage didn’t know the Evans fight was being moved up to May 23 until 15 mins before the press conference, which explains why he appeared eager to fight Rashad immediately following his victory, and reluctant now
  • Evans-Jackson UFC 98 not a done deal unless Rampage is 100%. If he isn’t in time, Lyoto Machida will get the shot
  • Mir-Lesnar 2 will “probably” happen at UFC 100
  • Dana was going to change Matt Hamill’s entrance song, “Hang On Sloopy,” until he found out it was a big deal in Ohio
  • Mir’s knee is spoiling Rampage’s vacation plans with one of his Asian groupies
  • Someone stole a jacket in Rampage’s camp out of the locker room, but they just wanted the phone back

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