DREAM.7 Poster

If DREAM’s ratings in 2008 were considered bad, I don’t even know what you would call DREAM.7’s.

I have no other words for it… They aired it late at night, and there were not too many stars on the card. BUT a rating of 2.4% is not good…. Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner drew the biggest crowd with 4%. Good thing Gardner got to say hello.

To put that number in perspective, DREAM.6’s 9.0% rating was considered terrible, so I suppose somewhere between rock-bottom and atrocious would be an accurate description.

Zach Arnold has more.

Quick update: “Smoogy” wrote up a post on BE blasting the blogosphere for incorrectly analyzing DREAM.7’s 2.4% rating. Was I wrong? Perhaps. Comparing DREAM.6’s ratings to that of DREAM.7’s in much different time-slots may have been a mistake on my part, but that fact it was stuck in this time-slot in the first place doesn’t seem like a good sign, although they are supposed to get prime-time slots for future events. The Japanese MMA scene is difficult to understand and dissect, so I apologize if I gave anyone an inaccurate representation of DREAM’s performance, although at this point, I’m honestly still trying to figure out if I did.