Lyoto MachidaIt appears Lyoto Machida won’t need to watch a proposed bout between Quinton Jackson and current Light Heavyweight Champion, Rashad Evans, to find out who he will be facing down the road in his quest for UFC gold.

The Sun is reporting that injuries are going to force Rampage to forgo the proposed bout with newfound nemesis Rashad Evans, and wait for the dust to settle so he can find out who he will be facing in the future.

A hand injury and jaw complaint have forced Rampage out of their championship clash, which was scheduled for May 23. However, SunSport understands Jackson will be named the No. 1 contender in the division and handed a title shot against the winner of the Evans-Machida bout.

Keep in mind this is coming from the The Sun, so who knows if they got it from a credible source or just made it up and hope it sticks.

Assuming it is true, this is probably for the best for all parties involved, although the matchup might leave the fans wanting more. I, for one, was really looking forward to seeing Rampage and Rashad square off against one another, as well as all of the pre-fight antics that were sure to take place beforehand. Now that Lyoto is getting the first shot at Rashad, there is a chance that we never see a matchup between Quinton and Rashad, or at least maybe not one with so much hype behind it and a belt on the line.

Here’s to hoping that Evans has some answers to solve the mystery that is Lyoto Machida. What can I say, I was kind of looking forward to some black on black crime a clash between two exciting strikers who will let their hands go.

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Quick update: Josh Gross is reporting this now, so it should be all but official.