BJ PennAt this point, why not file a formal complaint, right?

BJ Penn has already made enough noise on this matter that he might as well take the next step and see if the NSAC will agree with him that UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre knowingly gained an unfair advantage in their fight. It has been more than a month since the fight, and now BJ has decided to file his formal complaint against GSP. The document, turned in Monday at a length of twenty pages, lists Nurse, Jackson trainer Greg Jackson, unknown parties as co-conspirators to St. Pierre’s use of the agents.

The document cites unnamed mixed martial arts fighters who complained about St. Pierre’s use of greasing agents as evidence of his culpability.

“It is Penn’s belief… that the aforementioned strategies were intentional and were orchestrated by Pierre as a means to unfairly and illegally defeat Penn in a regulated and sanctioned championship bout that prohibits the aforementioned conduct and that such calculated actions by Pierre were implemented as a means to prevent Penn from defending himself in a manner consistent with that contemplated in unarmed combat due to the highly and unnaturally slippery nature of Pierre during the bout,” the document states.

The complaint requests numerous punishments for St. Pierre’s camp. It asks the commission to fine St. Pierre, Jackson, Nurse, and the unnamed parties up to $250,000; suspend St. Pierre’s license as well as the licenses of Jackson, Nurse, and the unnamed parties; change the result of the bout to a “no contest;” and require Pierre undergo a pre-bout shower to make sure no substances exist on his body.

These punishments seem quite severe, and I highly doubt that any of them will be levied upon any of the parties listed in the complaint. I think at this point everyone realizes that wrongdoing did occur in the main event on January 31st, but this time Penn might be taking it too far. BJ is a proud champion, and many have mentioned that he does try to find excuses for past defeats. This can be seen as yet another shining example.

BJ Penn is no idiot, however, and his ultimate goal when setting up this fight was to avenge a prior loss to St. Pierre, and become the first fighter in the UFC to hold two titles at two different weights at the same time. One has to believe that his goal still remains the same, and what better way to force the hand of both the UFC and the camp of Georges St. Pierre’s camp into setting up another grudge match than this?

If Penn loses to Kenny Florian when they finally meet, possibly at UFC 101, will he still want to step into the Octagon against who at this point has proven to be the better all-around fighter, controversy withstanding? I have my doubts.