Mark Coleman

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MMA legend Mark Coleman and Stephan Bonnar have been offered bout agreements to meet at UFC 100 in a light-heavyweight scrap. Fighters Only broke the story.

“UFC Hall of Fame inductee Mark Coleman has been offered a fight with Stephan Bonnar on the undercard of UFC 100, Fighters Only has learned.

A source close to Coleman says he has accepted the fight, but there is no word yet on whether Bonnar has agreed.”

We last saw Coleman at UFC 93 battling Shogun Rua. It was obvious that both fighters came in to the bout out of shape. It was Coleman’s first cut to 205 and the effect it had on his body was pretty obvious. He revealed after the fight that he was in the midst of bad financial times, and wasn’t able to afford a real training camp. Considering Dana awarded him a $40k bonus for his performance, hopefully he’s able to get a real training camp in for this fight. Coleman is still a very solid wrestler at his ripe age of 45, and can take almost anyone down. If Coleman can cut the weight the right way, improve his cardio and get a real training camp I really believe he has a great chance to win this fight.

Stephan Bonnar is coming off a loss to very bright contender Jon Jones in a decision at UFC 94. Bonnar’s veteran demeanor and cage awareness kept him from getting finished, but when the bell rang there was no question who won the fight. Jones put on a wrestling and striking display like few others in the UFC. Jones was taking him down at will, which leads me to believe that Coleman will be able to get this fight to the floor to use some of his famous ground-and-pound. Obviously, Coleman is nowhere near the athlete Jones is, but he still can wrestle at a much higher level than Bonnar.

In no way am I counting Bonnar out of this fight, even though he lacks athleticism, he more than makes up for it in heart, cardio, toughness and superior training. He has long been considered one of the hardest working guys in the sport. He will win this fight if he can keep Coleman from putting him on his back.

Due to all the names already competing on this card, this fight seems destined for the prelims. I am hoping we will get to see it, because I have always loved watching these two compete. Both legends in their own right, Coleman being the innovator of ground-and-pound, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, and his days in PRIDE smashing people. Bonnar is known best from his days on TUF 1 and his now legendary fight with Forrest Griffin, which Dana White attributes much of today’s success of the organization to.

I’m sticking with my gut, and think Coleman will start his mid 40’s comeback by getting a TKO stoppage sometime in the second round. Call me crazy, but he is one of my all-time favorites, and I would love to see him taste victory in the spotlight at least one last time.