I don’t think so, and neither does Nick.

We fight in a cage asshole. This is a cage match…There’s no such thing as bad for the sport nowadays. It’s not my part to worry about what’s good and bad for the sport. I’m trying to keep my teeth in my mouth.

People act like this is a tennis match and act like this isn’t warfare…This is making too much money (to turn back now). It’s like the plague. It’s like a disease. Anything that makes money right now, you can’t get rid of it.

Don’t try to fucking single me out and say that I’m bad for the sport cause I have no class, none of you have any class. This is not the place to have class. I’m not out of uniform right now. Everyone else is posing.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he’s genuine, maybe too much for his own good, or maybe not. I suppose that’s up for debate, but for someone who isn’t near the top of the weight classes he competes in, he’s sure doing well for himself. Like any Diaz interview, this one’s well worth watching from beginning to end.

HT: Five Oz.