Forrest GriffinHere’s a light heavyweight fight to look forward to.

According to MMA Junkie, Forrest Griffin and Thiago Silva have verbally agreed to face one another at UFC 101.

Former UFC champion Forrest Griffin (16-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC) will face Brazilian slugger Thiago Silva (13-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC). (www, today learned from sources close to the bout that the two fighters have verbally agreed to the contest and that bout agreements are scheduled to be signed over the next several days.

Those sources also indicated that UFC 101 is tentatively scheduled for Aug. 8 in Portland, Ore.

This should be a pretty good fight. Forrest, as we all know, is one tough SOB, and Thiago, well, he was undefeated until he ran into the fighter no one’s been able to beat yet, Lyoto Machida.

It’s definitely a solid addition to card that already scheduled to feature Couture vs Nogueira. Penn vs Florian was also rumored at one point in time for UFC 101, but its looking like that one’s going to get pushed back to later card. Seems doubtful the UFC would stack a card with these three fights immediately following UFC 100.

On a semi-related note (really only because Forrest and Gray are teammates, I’m reaching, I know), Gray Maynard has landed himself one hell of a sponsorship deal. Everlast has signed Maynard to a one-year deal to be the face of Everlast’s MMA product line, which is a little ironic considering Maynard is a wrestler. Apparently, one fight makes all the difference in the world. Nevertheless, awesome news for one of the sport’s workhorses.