GSP Gives BJ Penn a Beating

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission will gather today to review the greasing allegations made against Georges St. Pierre and his cornermen, Phil Nurse and Greg Jackson, stemming from GSP’s UFC 94 bout with BJ Penn.

We should learn this afternoon what could possibly come of all this. Many fans, myself included, are growing tired of this whole situation and it’s relieving to know that it will (hopefully) be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Keith Kizer spoke to Sherdog about how he feels the meeting might go down.

The main thing here [for Tuesday’s hearing] is let’s see what happened in the fight and let’s find out what happened from Phil [Nurse] and Greg [Jackson], what happened and why it happened. Secondly, let’s figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now whether it goes beyond that is up to the commissioners — and it may or may not…. What I see happening is something along these lines: a very strict warning to Phil, a warning to everybody that there’s no place for this, and maybe something [determined] along the lines that every corner can have one designated Vaseline guy and that guy can not touch the fighter anywhere else on his body, except for his face, until the end of the fight.

While it’s all well and good that a hearing will be held to oversee these issues, Kizer doesn’t seem all too pleased with the formal complaint requesting disciplinary actions Penn’s camp filed last week. Perhaps something got lost in translation, but it would appear that Penn didn’t go about this in the right way.

However, Penn’s recent complaint, which was written in a legal style similar to a lawsuit, will not serve to stimulate any formal disciplinary proceedings on Tuesday against the accused trio, said Kizer.

Kizer said Penn and his representatives have no authority to file a disciplinary complaint against a fellow combatant per Nevada’s statutes.

“That’s my job,” said Kizer. “You can complain to me, small ‘c,’ and then it’s up to me as the executive director whether I’ll file a disciplinary complaint. I explained that to [Penn’s attorney] many times and I thought he understood.”

I’m of the opinion that BJ Penn was simply asking for too much here and that he really didn’t expect to be successful. This still seems like more of a publicity stunt to me than a real complaint, and it’s good to know that Kizer believes that a simple ‘slap on the wrist’ should be enough to avoid this problem in the future. If nothing else, at least this whole ordeal will make others think twice before ‘greasing’ in the future. It’s pretty safe to say at this point that this problem has been prevalent in mixed martial arts, whether you wish to believe that GSP is a part of it or not.

It appears that BJ Penn will now be able to sleep better at night because, according to his Facebook status, he “has accepeted his loss.has already changed the sport for the Better.has done what is Right.”

How can we ever thank you BJ?