While another controversy from UFC 94 is being put under the microscope today, one resolution has been reached.

Karo Parisyan recently tested positive for a mixture of painkiller pills and it looks like the will now pay the price.

Today, the NSAC handed down Parisyan’s punishment, and it’s definitely a worst-case scenario for the judoka contender (or former contender, I suppose).

The commission voted unanimously to suspend Parisyan, who slumped before the commission as the punishment was delivered. As a result of the Commission’s decision Parisyan is suspended from competition for nine months. He is also fined 40 percent of his $80,000 fight purse ($40,000 to show/$40,000 to win), totaling $32,000, which is paid to the Athletic Commission. Parisyan must also submit to random drug testing and the result of his UFC 94 bout with Dong Hyun Kim is changed from a split decision victory to a “No Decision.”

From the moment I heard about this story it seemed as though Parisyan was constantly contradicting previous statements. It’s my opinion that he was probably guilty and tried to get out of any strict punishment at the last moment when he appeared to be cornered. Although fairly unimpressive, this was at least a victory for Karo at UFC 94, and now it’s been taken away.

Could Karo be looking for a new organization when he returns in nine months?