Like many of us, it seems as though Keith Kizer is ready to move on from GreaseGate. He doesn’t believe the commission will bring forth any disciplinary action against GSP or his cornermen, at least not with the current evidence and testimony. Penn and his lawyer, on the other hand, aren’t quite as ready to let it go, but at least BJ hasn’t forgotten about his lightweight title defense against Kenny Florian late this summer.

We’re looking for a return, we have to defend the lightweight title. It’s been long, it’s been overdue since we defended the lightweight title. I had to heal up some of my injuries that I suffered from the Georges St. Pierre fight. I’m all good now so we’re gonna move forward with my same team, my same camp and we’re gonna make a run to defend the lightweight title. I think it’s either late July or early August.

At this point, many feel that all BJ is doing is damaging his reputation. We want to know what you think, let us know below.

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