WEC LogoWEC Vice President of Operations Peter Dropick recently took the time to speak to Ariel Helwani recently, and was able to shed some light on the future plans of the organization. Though some plans are far from concrete (rumors of a flyweight tournament to crown a division champion, a Miguel Torres vs. Mike Brown/Urijah Faber superfight), one thing is for certain: the WEC will be on pay-per-view in the near future.

[We] are looking at doing a June one now. It could be as soon as then, if not, my guess is that it would probably be early in the fall. And that would be the Faber-Brown rematch.

Dana White recently let fans know that he would not be raising the UFC PPV prices, and Dropick also informed Helwani that the cost of the WEC event would be less than that of a UFC broadcast. Good news, but how much less is a very important question that went unannounced. If the cost of the event isn’t significantly less than the standard $44.95 that we’re accustomed to paying, I can’t see how the WEC will be successful moving into the PPV market. Besides Urijah Faber and Miguel Torres, the WEC doesn’t have any huge stars that the casual fan will care to pay to see. By taking these two men off of future Versus cards so that they can sell their PPV’s, the WEC will be taking eyes away from their rising stars due to the fact that many people won’t tune into the free cards without the inclusion of these marquee names. This, in turn, will hurt the WEC’s chances to sell future PPV cards to the casual viewer.

I’m a fan of the WEC and hope to see them succeed, though I fear that will be much easier said than done. Dropick also hinted that the WEC would not be opposed to adding a women’s division, but seemed to indicate that without being able to sign Gina Carano and being able to build the division around her, this plan would not be moving forward any time soon.

If they were able to sign ‘Conviction’ their chances of PPV success would increase exponentially. It’s time that women found themselves under the Zuffa umbrella, and were put in the spotlight where they deserve to be. It seems to me that it would be a win-win situation for all those involved.