Dan Hardy

Well, his boxing is a strong area of his game but he seems to be having more success with the grappling side of the sport in his last few fights. I wouldn’t say he has any weaknesses in particular, just that I am either as good or better in every range. I’m also younger, faster and better looking!

At about the 60 second mark, he will realize that I have every range covered and the fight is going too fast for him to keep up with. After that, it’s only a matter of time before my hand is raised. He can say what he likes about me, I get the feeling that he is trying to convince himself he can win. If that’s what he needs to do to give me a good fight, then so be it. This fight was asked for by the fans and I’m just happy to be able to give them what they want.

–Dan Hardy, responding to Marcus Davis’ “pound his face into dust” proclamation, in an interview with TheMMAFiend.

Hardy and Davis are scheduled to settle their differences on neutral ground in Germany at UFC 99.