Floyd MayweatherAlready set in stone for July 11th is UFC 100, which will most certainly be billed as the biggest mixed martial arts show in history. Not one to be left out of the fun, Affliction Entertainment has hinted that they might be interested in holding their third show the very same night, something that many fans of the sport will not look too kindly upon.

Let’s be honest though, Dana White and the UFC will laugh this off as a terrible business decision and then pick up any of Affliction’s free agents that they deem worth to compete in the Octagon. Apparently, not even Tom Atencio thinks they will be holding a fourth event if they move ahead with this idea.

However, one thing that consistently draws the attention of combat sports fans is a boxing match featuring one of the sports biggest names. It appears that one of boxing’s biggest stars might have the date of July 11th circled on his calendar, marking his return to the sport. ESPN.com speculates that Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be ready for a tune up fight in early summer before taking on another big money match-up down the road.

Mayweather has been working out regularly in his Las Vegas gym, sparring and is in great shape, according to one of the sources. Before Mayweather fights one of the big names (most likely Manny Pacquaio), both sources said Mayweather’s team has talked to HBO about the availability of July 11, the network’s date for that month’s edition of “World Championship Boxing.” HBO, however, would have to come up with a substantial license fee to make it work, so it remains to be seen if a bout on the network could be made. A summer comeback fight for Mayweather, who has been dogged by IRS issues, could also go on pay-per-view instead.

But has Mayweather or one of his advisers contacted HBO about a summer fight? HBO president Ross Greenburg was tight-lipped on the matter.

“I’m not confirming or denying that,” Greenburg said. “I’m not going to comment. Call me back in a few weeks.”

Surely a return to PPV for Mayweather on July 11th would put a dent in some of the numbers the UFC will be hoping to pull in for their epic event. Regardless, someone is going to have to explain to me very shortly why all of these organizations and individuals feel the need to compete against each other head-to-head. The UFC will still do very well come July 11th and, should Affliction actually attempt to commit suicide move ahead with a planned event for that same evening, they will most likely end up in third place, as well as irrelevant the next day.

When Steve mentioned yesterday that he doesn’t want to divide his attention between two TV’s on July 11th, maybe he, and the rest of the fans of both mixed martial arts and boxing, will need to begin to understand how to possibly divide their attention amongst three live events that evening.