Wanderlei Silva

Well, according to him, not exactly, but he does seem to think that he employed the wrong tactics in the final moments of his third fight with Rampage, causing him to get caught on the chin by a powerful left hook that floored him immediately.

I think this is one reason for I lose my last fight, because… it’s a very nervous fight, because I don’t touch him, he don’t touch me. He give me one jab, I give him one kick, and it’s very nervous. My corner talked to me, it’s one minute to finish the round; I’m thinking, three minutes, we no have action, we don’t have nothing. And the public is starting to boo. The guy not going to come in – I come in. I open my guard, and he got me.

But I’m not going to change my style. I love to give the show, and every time I fight, I’m going to give my best. I’m going to cut my faults… to give the victory to my fans.

Silva opens up a very serious discussion that seems to have plagued the sport of mixed martial arts for some time now. Is it more important to win a fight, even a lackluster decision, or to be exciting and push the pace?

Surely the answer lies somewhere in the middle, and being able to accomplish both is the best case scenario, but it is a precarious position that these organizations and the fans put the fighters in. Not many other sports are like this one where it’s not only the outcome that is taken into account, team-based or otherwise.

Perhaps, the closest comparison can be found in college football, where simply winning more games than another team doesn’t guarantee you a shot at the National Title. Victories, strength of schedule, as well as the way that you are able to win games are all taken into account when deciding who should receive a chance to play in the final game of the season.

Wanderlei Silva also commented on his forthcoming match with Rich Franklin, and he seems to like the idea of the meeting taking place at 195 pounds.

I spoke to Dana (to) open a new division for 195. I think it’s great, because it’s good for guys like me. I’m going to push for the idea. (A) new champ every time is good.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m all for this fight taking place at 195 because I feel that it makes sense for both of the fighters involved. I also strongly believe that the current number of five weight classes in the UFC is adequate, and nothing needs to be changed. What I love about the UFC is that they have legitimate champions and haven’t watered down their product in order to be able to promote more title fights.

Rich is on his way up in weight, while Wanderlei is on his way down. Don’t let the elevators stall on the way though, ok?