Bobby Lashley vs Jason Guida

I’m not gonna lie, I thought Jason Guida was poking the wrong bear during the pre-fight festivities, and would end up getting smashed because of it. Instead, all his pre-fight smack talk actually worked in his favor (sort of, he didn’t get smashed). Bobby Lashley admitted in the post-fight interview he let Guida get in his head, and because of it, his performance suffered. For a man whose former job was to play to the crowd and talk trash on a nightly basis, who would have thought? For Lashley’s sake, hopefully it was a lesson learned, because Guida isn’t going to be the last fighter that will try to get under his skin.

That said, I don’t think Lashley did as bad as many of the comments and recaps I’ve read made it sound. He controlled the entire fight with his wrestling, with the exception of a guillotine choke scare in the third round, and even connected with a few heavy strikes. The problem with Lashley in the striking department though is nearly everything he throws is a telegraphed haymaker. He definitely needs to learn how to use his jab and put together combinations to set up his power shots. It’s apparent Lashley’s still green, but I think he has quite a bit of potential if he stays healthy and continues to learn. His physical attributes and wrestling base are going to put wins on his record at this level, and he could probably even be competitive against the lower-level heavyweights in Strikeforce and even the UFC, but right now, it’s a little too soon to start calling him the next Brock Lesnar. If his skills ever start catching up to his speed, power, and explosiveness though, Lashley’s most definitely going to be a heavyweight to watch out for.

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Jeff Monson vs Roy Nelson and full event results after the jump.

Jeff Monson vs Roy Nelson



  • Jeff Monson defeats Roy Nelson via Unanimous Decision
  • Bobby Lashley defeats Jason Guida via Unanimous Decision
  • Din Thomas defeats Gabe Lemley via TKO (Strikes) in Round One
  • Dennis Hallman defeats Danny Ruiz via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) in Round One
  • James Freeman defeats John Mowry via Knockout in Round One


  • Roy Jones Jr. defeats Omar Sheik via TKO in Round Five
  • B.J. Flores defeats Jose Luis Herrera
  • Eric Clinton defeats Richmond Dalphone via unanimous decision
  • Kieyon Bussey defeats Robert DaLuz via Majority decision
  • Kelvin Price defeats Kevin Howard via Majority decision