Cole MillerHowever, he quickly clarifies that they are probably going to hinder the performance of the TUF 8 bad boy come fight night on April 1st. Not only does Miller already have Browning’s strengths and weaknesses both identified, he also has a game plan in place already that is sure to thrill those who aren’t fans of Junie.

Without giving away too much, what is your game plan heading into the fight with Junie?
I’m going to walk to the middle of the octagon, and I’m going to beat his ass.
Do you see any specific strengths or weaknesses he has?
Strengths? Probably that he’s not a smart fighter so he really doesn’t know or comprehend that I’m better than him at everything. Weaknesses? He’s mentally weak.

Though Miller is coming off knee surgery that has kept him out of action since last July, confidence does not seem to be a problem for him at this point of his career. After Junie gets word of this confidence, however, he might have something to say about this fight himself. Or, perhaps, the former wild card has indeed taken a different approach to the fight game and will let this be solved in the Octagon.

Ah, if only these two had been locked in that TUF house together. The fun they would have had.