Gina Carano

I just had to weigh some options. I’m making these decisions, so nobody else is going to make these decisions for me. I have to make them, and so we’re going to get something figured out and I’ll be fighting…I pray about it and see what would be a good move for my career, and I just know that no matter what, any fight from here is going to be a big fight, and a tough one. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm…It’s gonna happen. Actually, the only person I can think about right now. My focus is on [Cyborg], and I don’t really want to fight anybody else but her. Let’s do it…Both of us want to make it happen, and it’s probably going to happen this year.

–Gina Carano, essentially telling MMA Weekly she’s still holding out, but hasn’t forgotten about fighting Cyborg.

Meanwhile, Sam Caplan and Zach Arnold have sparked a debate about how much Gina is worth. I don’t know the answer, but someone smarter than me once told me something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… That said, Tim Sylvia wasn’t worth $800,000.