Tom Atencio

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While recent reports have all but solidified Affliction 3 taking place opposite UFC 100 on July 11, Tom Atencio has finally chimed in, and his response is, well, shall we say, familiar?

“I haven’t finalized [the date]. [Scheduling an event for July 11] is a thought in the back of my head, but whether it’s going to happen or not is a different story…It could be the weekend before, it could be the weekend after at this point. It could even be moved into August. Right now everything is kind of up in the air until we have all the contracts signed and everything has been finalized…We’re sitting down and we’re really just kind of figuring it out. That’s kind of where I’m at in the whole process. We have some ideas, but right now it’s just ideas. That’s it.”

While reports have stated that Fedor Emelianenko and Josh Barnett will not be fighting each other in the main event, Tom left it open as a possibility. As for all the rumors that this will Affliction’s last event, all Atencio would say is he’s still taking it “one show at a time.”

Basically, it’s the now standard-issue Tom Atencio response to all rumors and reports. Although I can’t really blame him. He’s contradicted himself and others in the organization so many times, I could barely keep track of it all.

Tom did break away for a second though to give his thoughts on counter-programming the UFC’s biggest event of the year, if not ever.

“I think it could work. I really do.

“But at the same time there, obviously there’s a lot of – no matter what I do, I’m going to be criticized for it. I guess it really doesn’t matter either way if I do it or I don’t do it.”

How about this Tom? Stop making stupid decisions deserving of criticism, and maybe, just maybe, everyone will stop criticizing you and Affliction. Case in point, Scott Coker. He rarely gets criticized for anything. Why? Because he doesn’t make bad decisions worthy of it.