Anderson Silva

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After the UFC put their foot down we kinda figured Anderson Silva had just accepted that his dream of boxing Roy Jones Jr. wasn’t going to happen and moved on.

Yeah, not so much.

After my contract with the UFC ends and end my career in MMA, I intend to have a boxing match with Roy Jones. That’s something that’s already been arranged, it’s all practically a done deal. Now I just have to wait and see.

So far, Anderson’s been playing by the UFC’s rules, but you kind of get the feeling that won’t last forever.

All the talk of Silva’s retirement has been circulating for quite awhile. Who knows if it’ll actually happen when his UFC contract runs out, and there’s also that pesky champion’s clause to potentially complicate matters should Silva still be the middleweight king, but even as someone who, admittedly, isn’t a boxing fan, I am a little curious to see how Anderson would fare against an out of his prime Jones Jr. in a boxing match.

Although, if it were up to me, I hope he stays put and continues to entertain us for years to come. Time will tell.