Bobby LashleyBobby Lashley may not have demolished Jason Guida like many of us expected, but he did well enough to convince Scott Coker and Co. to take a look at him for their Strikeforce roster.

A self-professed free agent, Lashley told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown Show” on Monday that he’s already been in contact with the Palace Fighting Championships, Xtreme Fighting Championships and certain unnamed promotions in Japan. Then there’s Strikeforce, of course, which recently inked a multi-year deal to air their events on Showtime.

“We’ve talked to [Strikeforce],” said Lashley. “The guys out there, with Scott Coker, we’ve talked to. I think they have a great organization. I think the thing about them is that they have a quality show and they earned the respect of all the MMA people out there. That’s one thing we’ve been talking about with them.”

Lashley’s skill set may still be in the early stages of development, but much like Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice, he brings something to the table that most fighters with two professional fights under their belt don’t—eyeballs. How many remains to be seen, but Strikeforce, despite all the contracts they acquired from ProElite, could certainly use a fighter that can attract an audience they wouldn’t get otherwise.

In terms of skill level at this stage, Lashley may not be Brock Lesnar, but he wouldn’t necessarily have to be either. Strikeforce’s heavyweight division is thin, if not nearly non-existent. Outside of their champion, Alistair Overeem, who doesn’t appear to be returning anytime in the near-future, the only quality heavyweight they have that I can think of is Brett Rogers.

For now, I don’t see why they couldn’t bring Lashley along on Showtime cards fighting the Jason Guida’s of the world, and then, maybe in a year or so he’d be ready for network television and the next level of competition.

With the right matchmaking, it could be a perfect fit for both parties.