Josh Barnett

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Even though it still hasn’t been officially confirmed, there’s more than enough of a reasonable possibility that Aleksander Emelianenko has Hepatitis B for any sane fighter aware of the situation to want to fight him.

Generally speaking, you would expect that while most fighters are probably a little more fearless than your Average Joe, fighting someone that may have a blood-borne disease is something most fighters understandably wouldn’t be willing to do.

Well, Josh Barnett isn’t most fighters. Whether he just doesn’t care or the ongoing war of words with Aleks is blinding his rational thought process, Josh isn’t going to let some silly disease get in the way of shutting Aleks up once and for all. (Via CagePotato)

It has come to my attention that Aleksander Emelianenko has been making very bold statements about me again. I have heard, from his own blog have you, that I have been offered a fight with him recently and refused and that I was scared when I approached him backstage at Affliction: Banned. Well, I for one have heard from many valid sources that Aleks has a blood borne disease such as Hepatitis B and with his abundance of tattoo work that could easily be the case. This rules out the possibility of fighting him in a sanctioned fight anywhere they require a blood test. I have not been offered any such fight with Aleks but will say this : If you want a rematch Aleks all you have to do is come up to me somewhere and say something. Talk any kind of shit you want and it’s on. If you got the guts, we will do it right then and there and I for one will make sure you won’t be able to ask for much of anything, let alone a rematch ,when I am done with you.

Folks, I’m pretty sure Josh just called Aleks out for a street fight…on the internet. Nice.

You know, I honestly can’t even remember how this feud started, but considering the potential circumstances, maybe this is one fight Josh should just back down from. I really don’t think anyone would hold it against Josh if he did. We’ve probably already lost one of the world’s better heavyweights to the hep. Does anyone really want to lose another? Hopefully not.

And what about Fedor? I wonder how he feels about the rift between his brother and his friend? If he were forced to pick sides, who would he choose? Yeah, I know it really doesn’t matter, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit curious.