Wanderlei Silva Knocks Out Keith Jardine

I lost my last fight by a technical error, an error that I’ve committed for a long time. I paid so much for it. I lost six months of work due to throwing open punches and took a punch on the chin…On top of that base, I hope to get rid of some defects, such as exposing myself too much. Sometimes I fight with my heart, then I open myself way too much. I’m trying to fix this and be aggressive in the same way, but in a more technical and more secure way. They are vices that I have had for too long and are not easy to correct. Because when the adrenaline hits and you start to give and take punches, you go on instinct. So, where possible, I’m structuring myself to leave these vices and acquire a new and more refined technique, to adapt to this new time of MMA and head back to the top because this is what I want. I’ll really show a different game now in the next fight.

–Wanderlei Silva, talking to Sherdog about refining his wide-open punching style that has become more of liability than an asset to his fight game in recent years.

Will he be able to change enough this far in his career to make a run at the middleweight title? It’s too early to tell, but his upcoming fight against former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin at UFC 99 should give us a pretty good indication of which direction Wandy might be headed.