Alistair Overeem Timeline

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In the past year or two, something fairly obvious has changed about Alistair Overeem. One quick look at the image above is all you need to know what I’m referring to.

Rather than continue to beat around the bush, I don’t think its a stretch to say that many combat sports fans around the world have wondered if steroids or another performance enhancing drug is responsible for Alistair’s transformation. Apparently,, or at least one of their readers, were wondering too, because they asked him in a recent interview. (Fan Question) Many people and critics say you have been taking performance enhancing drugs. What do you have to say about that and to those people?

Alistair Overeem: I have been tested everytime everywere I fight, I have gained weight because I always have been a heavyweight. I was about 103 kg when loosing 10kg to fight at 93 kg/205 lbs. After my last fight in the states I gained about 4 kg per year. But its still easy for me to loose 10kg or gain quickly.

Well, even if he is, Alistair obviously wasn’t going to admit to it, but I do find it interesting that he said he gets tested before every one of his fights. His last six fights (MMA & K-1) have taken place overseas, and last I heard they still weren’t testing in Japan. Nevertheless, there’s no hard evidence or positive tests saying he is, so I suppose we go on assuming he’s clean.

It will be interesting to see what weight he comes in at the next time he fights in the States though, which according to the interview, could be happening sooner rather than later. In case you forgot with all his fights in Japan and the talk of him going to the UFC, he still holds the Strikeforce heavyweight title, and says he might be coming to the States to defend it soon.

The only problem with that is, who does Stikeforce have to challenge him for it?