Michael BispingIf there’s one person you don’t want to disappoint during a taping of The Ultimate Fighter, it’s Dana White.

Next on the list? Your coach. Apparently, Team UK did enough to show their coach, middleweight contender Michael Bisping, and their country that they have something to be proud of.

… these guys gave it 110 per cent. They turned up in shape, they trained their asses off and they fought like British bulldogs. I can say Team UK does Great Britain proud. A lot of Americans, be they fighters, fans or even the media, don’t respect British MMA — but Team UK represented British MMA very well, despite being so far from home…. They really went into this looking at it like the chance of a lifetime. Winning TUF 3 back in 2006 completely changed my life and the lives of my fiance and two kids. It was a huge turning point. I tried to impress upon Team UK what a huge opportunity they had…. They were training three times a day, but to get into the UFC you have to make sacrifices. I’m proud to say Team UK made those sacrifices.

There has been talk that the fighters from the United States would crush the Brits who were said to simply not be on the same level. Have some people underestimated the UK fighters, or was the talent from the US watered down in order to make this season a little bit more competitive?

It should be interesting to see once the season starts up tomorrow night on Spike TV. After that, the debate can begin about who has the better fighters and if the UK is able to match the talent pool that the United States has.

Would it be too much to ask that the focus this season is on, oh I don’t know, the fights?

I’ll have my fingers crossed. Will you?