Ah, just when you thought Dana was mellowing out, he goes and does this. Any Sherdoggers still holding out hope that one day the UFC and Sherdog will reconcile might as well let go of that pipe dream.

In response to Loretta Hunt’s story from earlier today regarding Zuffa no longer issuing credentials to select managers and agents, Dana White went off in a public tirade like I’ve never seen before. According to Dana, it’s been the UFC’s policy from day one that fighters are given a limited amount of credentials and they’re free to give them to whoever they want, including their managers. Of course, Dana can’t just do this in a civil manner, he has to call Loretta a “fucking moron,” a “fucking bitch,” and refer to her anonymous source as a “fucking faggot.” Crossing the line? Yeah, just a little, and by little, I mean a lot. Kind of hard to take his response seriously after that.

If you ask me, Dana and the UFC can bitch and moan all they want, but by remaining super secretive about their policies and business practices, they’re just bringing it on themselves.