You know what they say: It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed. That’s pretty much the reaction I got to watching this video of Miami’s backyard fighting scene, which is apparently a little more structured since Kimbo’s heyday. Initially, I thought this was some sort of Kimbo parody, you know, since the main guy looks like a wannabe Kimbo, but apparently it’s not.

While working the Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott fight for EliteXC, we kept hearing about this guy called DADA. People were saying he was essentially the next Kimbo. Esther even got a picture of him at the fight, sort of. Well, it turns out, some documentary filmmakers going by the moniker Rakontur, decided to follow him around and show the world what backyard MMA in Florida is really like.

Well, not that I support it, but I guess its better than them joining gangs and shooting each other.