Dreamfighters.com ContestI’ve seen some pretty creative contests since I started this site, but this one takes the cake.

One of our friends over at DreamFighters.com is going to be stepping inside the cage with none other than Wanderlei Silva for three minutes. All you have to do is predict if he’ll make it through the entire round and how many times he’ll get knocked down. Enter here. Here’s the details.

Details: At a predetermined time in May, a DreamFighters.com writer will be going to Las Vegas for a 1 on 1 full hour training session with Wanderlei Silva, and it will end with a 3 minute round in which a DreamFighters.com writer will try and last a full 3 minutes for 1 round against Wanderlei Silva.

Where you come in:

In the 3 minute round, your job is to guess how many times the DreamFighters.com writer will be knocked down by Wanderlei Silva, and if he will last the full round.

What do you get if you picked the correct number?

You will get a WAND fight Shirt, and a DreamFighters.com Tshirt:

WAND Fight Shirt
DreamFighters.com T-shirt

How to Enter?

Simply Leave a comment saying: [Ed. note: For your entry to count, you must leave the comment on DreamFighters.com]

Yes or No – In regards to if the DreamFighters.com will last a full round.

And, how many times the DreamFighters.com writer will be knocked down!

We will broudcast the full training session, and will broadcast the full 3 minute round, followed by a one on one with Wanderlei Silva.

Enter, and have fun!

Best of luck DF, I’m not sure Wanderlei knows how to go 50%.