At this point, I’m as sick of this story as you probably are, however, it seems the story in question has been overshadowed by Dana’s tirade, and a few things still need to be addressed.

In the above video, Loretta Hunt appears on Fox News Fight Game and shares her side of this story, which is essentially what was written in the article in question. Put simply, fighters are allowed three credentials from the commission for their cornermen, which is the policy Dana seemed to be alluding to in the opening moments of his rant. In many cases, the fighter wants his striking coach, ground coach, and a training partner to warm him up. However, if the fighter wants his manager backstage, he must either give one of his three cornermen up as Dana alluded to, or the manager has to obtain an additional credential from the UFC, which according to the story, the UFC is now refusing to give to some managers, but not all.

Sherdog’s official statement on the situation addresses why this is an issue with some managers.

The article is accurate, and we stand by it.

White argued that the UFC’s policy on giving fighter representatives backstage access has not changed. However, he did not refute that select representatives have recently lost access the UFC used to grant them as representatives. These individuals can still get backstage through an athletic commission as cornermen, which is noted in the article, but not all managers believe this is a reasonable remedy when fighters typically only get three cornermen and the roles are best suited for actual cornermen.

So what’s the truth? Is the UFC now refusing to allow certain managers/agents from being backstage with their clients as the story suggests? Or is this a case of a spiteful journalist attacking the UFC using fabricated sources?

From all the comments I’ve read, many believe, like Dana said, that her anonymous sources aren’t valid, because, well, they’re anonymous. I don’t consider myself a journalist, nor do I want to be, but I know enough to know that in journalism, using anonymous sources is a common practice. Nixon, Deep Throat, anyone? Fightlinker already pointed this out, but I’ll say it again. How many exclusive reports in the MMA media are sourced anonymously? I don’t know the exact percentage, but I can say with full confidence that the number is pretty darn high. “Sources close to the situation” can typically be found in at least one report every day. Hell, seemingly every nine out of ten exclusives Five Oz. publishes is sourced anonymously. Sure, every once in awhile a story doesn’t pan out, but most of the time it does. And in this particular instance, as Hunt stated, it’s perfectly understandable why they would refuse to reveal their identities. If they did, they could and most likely would be committing career suicide in a landscape dominated by the UFC.

Now, what you choose to believe is obviously up to you, but I will say this. I have no doubt journalists have abused this practice in the past, but Loretta Hunt does not strike me as someone who would. Perhaps you believe otherwise, but until I see some sort of proof, I’m not going to assume she did just because Dana White said so.