Chuck LiddellAfter his dominant run as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, saying that Chuck Liddell’s career has taken a few steps backwards would be a massive understatement. Even after some tough losses, however, Chuck remains focused on the goal at hand and knows that the first step in reclaiming UFC gold is to defeat Shogun Rua in Montreal on April 18th.

I am looking to get back to competing for the title. I want to get back to the top and put some of my past fights behind me and get my revenge…. I am in great shape. I have been waiting to fight Rua for a long time. He was one of the best in Pride and seen as one of the top guys until he lost to Forrest so this is going to be a great fight…. I am going to go after him. I am going to pressure him and make him prove that he is in shape. But basically I am going to try to knock his head off.

For a less-known fighter, aspirations of obtaining a title shot in the near future would seem uninspired. For Chuck, perhaps only two or three wins would propel him right to the top of the division and eyeing a shot at whomever the champion of the division is at the time. It’s good to know that Chuck is still in it for all the right reasons and wants to be the best. Though it’s obvious that his best days are behind him, Liddell can still draw an audience and should still be able to compete in the UFC. The most important factor for ‘The Iceman’ moving forward is to evolve as many of the other elite UFC athletes have been able to do.

As for Shogun, the most important factor for him moving forward might not be a change to his cardio, his fighting style, or even his will.

For Shogun, he might want to worry most about finding his head somewhere in the fourth row at the Bell Centre.