Dana WhiteI take my hat off to Shawn at Fightlinker, as I couldn’t have said it better myself. He seems to touch on a variety of important points relating to the story, as well as offering a humorous video by renowned stand-up comedian Louis C.K. that seems all too appropriate given White’s recent actions.

Put as delicately as possible, people need to lighten up and cut the politically correct bullshit. Were White’s comments harsh? Yes, without a doubt. Were they meant to be hurtful to the gay community or to women? Absolutely not. They were meant to be insulting to Loretta Hunt and to whomever offered her the anonymous comment. Whether you or I agree with White’s sentiment does not matter; the man was expressing his anger towards a few select individuals, not towards two huge portions of the population who no doubt make up a percentage of his company’s fan base.

The fact of the matter is that White referred to Loretta Hunt as a “dumb bitch” because he felt as though she made him and his company look very bad with some “creative” reporting. Whether or not that was actually the case is irrelevant — that is simply what caused his anger. If a male member of the Sherdog staff was the object of White’s ire and White called that male writer a “dickhead” or an “asshole” there would have been no uproar. While women are a big part of this sport as fighters, fans, and journalists, the fact is that the fight world is and has always been a male dominated place. And when we men get angry, we tend to express ourselves in different ways than women do. It’s not sexist; it’s simply a fact of biology that men and women are wired differently and respond to stimulants in our environment in different ways.

Make sure to check out the article, it’s well worth your time if you share these sentiments and understand that in no way was White trying to single out any group of people. Plus, as I mentioned above, the video is definitely worth watching if you want a better understand of why Dana might have chosen his less than desirable term while referring to Loretta’s anonymous source.

The only thing that I feel Shawn overlooked in this article, and the reason that the backlash at this point has grown to an astounding roar, is that Dana White has to know better at this point. Though I don’t agree with his comments and his over the top tirade against Loretta Hunt, I’m smart enough to know that he didn’t sit there and plan to call the source a ‘faggot’ because he doesn’t like the gay and lesbian community and doesn’t want their business. That is simply foolish.

When you are the president of the UFC, however, you must realize that there are people out there who will misinterpret your words or even demand retribution simply for the fact that they now have a reason to condemn you.

Lesson learned.