Dana WhiteAllow me to disagree with Mike about ‘The Rant.’

The issue here is not the use of the word “faggot,” or really the use of expletives in general. People have the right to be offended or not offended. GLAAD has every right to get angry at a gay-slur and demand an apology, White equally has the right to say the word if he wants to. But that’s not the real problem with the tirade.

The real issue here is credibility and professionalism. The corporate and public world doesn’t behave in the manner that Dana White did during his video blog. It was immature and venomous. Especially when you consider that the sport we love is still considered fringe, or a fad by many in the mainstream. Their perception is that we are uncouth vagabonds, barbarians and vandals only interested in machismo culture. That this sport is really just a spectacle for angry, white males.

White’s rant simply feeds that perception which hurts and demeans all of us, even if we don’t have a problem with his use unsavory language. Just look at this column from Mike Freeman of CBS.

“No act of attempted intimidation will change the fact that White’s comments are so far out of bounds, so extremist, that there should be significant repercussions for him. But that would take guts and White really doesn’t have any. Nor is there anyone around him to make him pay. White is an empire of one.

Another day, another White f-bomb tirade, this time with women bashing tossed in to boot.

And you know what UFC fans will do?

They’ll applaud and keep watching.”

Remember MMA is still banned in several states most notably New York. How many politicians are going to be willing to step up to the plate for a man who goes on misogynistic rant against a member of the media who was simply doing her job?

This isn’t about language but business. And what White did was extremely bad for business.

Zak Woods is the founder of the mixed martial arts blog WatchKalibRun.com