Bobby Lashley

“Everybody wants to be in the UFC. It’s the pinnacle of this sport, so of course I want to be there…I think [appearing on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’] would be something great. I saw that, and they said, ‘Heavyweights,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s jump on it’…I think it would be great because what I’m trying to do right now is prove myself. And on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ you have to prove yourself. I talked it over with my management and my trainers and everything, and they have mixed opinions on it – if I should go there, or if I should stay out and do different fights…I’m open to anything. I’m open to suggestions. If that’s the route [my management] wants to send me, then I’m going to go.”

–Bobby Lashley on ESPN MMA Live (quote via MMA Junkie), comments on his willingness and desire to be on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter.

It’s hard not to respect Lashley for being humble enough to appear on The Ultimate Fighter, but if he does it, I hope his management is able to get him a better deal than the standard TUF contract, because he is certainly worth more. If the UFC’s unwilling to give him that, I would think Strikeforce with Showtime and CBS would be the much better home for Lashley, at least financially speaking. He can always make the jump to the UFC once his skill level is up to par.