Thales Leites

It’s the greatest opportunity of my life. It’s the fight of my life, there’s no way around it. It’s the most important, it means the most and it’s a historic UFC bout, two Brazilians fighting over the belt. The good part is that, regardless of who wins or loses, it stays in Brazil! But it’s a great perspective. I’ve been training for three months focused on this. The last guy I faced was a south paw too, so not much has changed in training between fights. I’m confident and I believe in myself. If I didn’t believe, I wouldn’t believe in this fight. I’m not here just to fight, I want to be the champion. So I believe in me, I’ll show up 100%, just as he will, and what I can promise you all is that it’s going to be a great fight. Each of us has 50% chance of winning. He’s the favorite, but in my head it’s like this: we each have two arms, two legs and we each has what it takes.

–Thales Leites via, talks about his preparation and confidence leading up to the biggest fight of his career against Anderson Silva at UFC 97.

50%? Any thoughts on that?