WAMMA Heavyweight Championship Belt

Not that the sanctioning body felt any different before about their credibility, of course, but this time around is that they feel a legitimate sponsor could help push them over the top.

In an interview with MMAjunkie.com, Chief Operating Officer Mike Lynch spoke of plans to partner with this sponsor, as well as how some of the marketing would work.

It’s a feel-good sponsor; it’s a sponsor that’s not going to be able to be criticized by anyone,” said WAMMA Chief Operating Officer Mike Lynch in an interview with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). “We’re 99 percent there. It is something that’s going to go a long way to forming up our credibility – not only in the sport but with corporate America.”

The company is not part of the MMA industry and likely has no current agreements in place with promotions in the sport. Collaborating with WAMMA affords a sponsor the opportunity to test the MMA marketing waters with a largely independent organization, though WAMMA has partnerships in place with Affliction, M-1 and Adrenaline MMA.

“This strategic partnership will go a long way to help convince people that WAMMA is going to be here to stay,” added Lynch, who expects to have the deal done within the next few weeks. “This will show that WAMMA is viewed by fans and by corporate America as a credible, legit sanctioning body that is here for the long term.

You know there’s trouble when the first phrase out of Lynch’s mouth is false. How could there possibly be a sponsor out there that isn’t going to be criticized by anyone? Does that even exist? I also don’t believe that any sponsor is going to give them instant credibility in the world of mixed martial arts or corporate America. MMA fans need to see that you are working towards bettering the sport, not putting more money in your own pockets with a sponsor that we’ve all heard of. As for corporate America, I doubt that 99% of them have even heard of you at this point, and I doubt there is a sponsor out there who will have corporate America banging down your door to get in on the action.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it looks like Fedor might have to return his belt to have some minor cosmetic work done to it. Shinya Aoki would have to do the same as well, though WAMMA decided that he probably didn’t need a belt even though he’s the paper undisputed champion of the organization.

WAMMA is in late-stage discussions with the undisclosed company for a sponsorship that will, among other marketing tie-ins, brand the organization’s championship belts with the company name.

Oh, joy.