The beginning of this week’s episode starts out with Loretta Hunt joining the panel to discuss the infamous Dana vlog from last week. Nothing really new, but I thought it was as good a time as any to mention that the Association for Women in Sports Media is now requesting an apology from Dana and the UFC for his comments.

The Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) issued a press release Wednesday calling for the Ultimate Fighting Championship to “take action in regards to misogynistic comments” that White made in a video blog posted on the promotion’s Web site. AWSM President Jenni Carlson said her group’s request for an apology from UFC went unanswered.

White, though, never directly apologized to Hunt. He also told in a separate interview that he “absolutely, positively meant to attack (Hunt). Absolutely.”

That was unacceptable to AWSM.

“It is a mystery to me that a man who is always seeking more coverage and exposure for his sport would disenfranchise some of the very people who are covering, sponsoring and watching his sport — women,” wrote Carlson, who also cited Anheuser Busch and Harley Davidson as two of UFC’s biggest sponsors.

Hmmm…wonder if Dana has another apology left in him. I’m guessing he doesn’t.

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