UFC 2009 Undisputed Box Art - Forrest Griffin CoverFor those of you who have had enough of the countless UFC 2009: Undisputed videos and want to get your hands on the game itself, it appears your wait is almost completed. Though there isn’t too much information available at this time, Xbox Live users may very well be able to download the demo of the game next week, though no exact date or time has been confirmed. (via Bloody Elbow)

John Morgan of MMAJunkie reporting “UFC: 2009 Undisputed” demo will be available for download on XBox Live next week.

Like I said, there really isn’t that much information available at this time, however I still found myself quite excited when I read this. Expect to hear an exact date for the demo, as well as the modes and fighters that will be featured, sometime in the next couple of days.

Hopefully the demo is enough to tide us all over before the game releases on May 19th.

Update: ESPN The Mag has an extensive interview with THQ producer Nevin Dravinski. Here’s some interesting details on the career mode.

In career mode, you’re basically working your way up through the system of UFC. So, you’re going to create your character, you’ll assign yourself a striking and grappling technique, then you train those skills. You won’t have as much power, energy or ability as the typical UFC fighter when you start out, but as you progress through career you’ll get better. And we don’t have any cheesy mini-games where you mash the buttons to push a weight bar up. The training you do in the career mode is fighting like you would in a real fight. So if you have a fight coming up, and you’re a boxing/wrestler guy and you’re next opponent is a Muay Thai guy, then your training partner will be a Muay Thai fighter, so you can train against those moves. There’s a whole interactive calendar system where you know your fight is in a couple of weeks and you’ll need to pick where you’ll train, where you’ll spar and where you should rest in order to build up your stamina. It’s like a game within the game where you might want to risk training right before a fight, losing out on some of your stamina, but at the same time gaining valuable points on your standing game. The choices are all up to you on how you shape your career. And once you start building up his skill, you can take your created fighter online, so it’s a cool way to get invested in your character and his abilities. It also lets you replay the game multiple ways because you can start one career as a boxer/wrestler, then when that career is done, you can play as a fighter who is into kickboxing and judo and have a completely different experience.