Nick Diaz Flips Off Frank Shamrock At Strikeforce Press Conference

We’re only two days away from Strikeforce’s debut on Showtime, and surprisingly there really hasn’t been much heat between the headliners—Frank Shamrock and Nick Diaz—besides this middle finger at the pre-fight press conference.

But, maybe it’s about to pick up. Here’s Nick Diaz telling TheMMAFiend that you might want to “reassess your thinking” if you think Frank’s a legend.

He’s not a legend to me. Back in the day he was fighting fixed matches in Japan and supplementing himself with who knows what. Before that he was in a California Youth Prison for robbing houses. If that’s your idea of a legend you might want to reassess your thinking.

And here’s Frank telling MMA Weekly that Nick “comes off as kind of ghetto.”

“I know that people look up to him, and I’m concerned that that is what people are going to think about our art. I’m concerned that the more successful he gets, the more people are going to think that’s what you should do. I think that’s the wrong image to give off.

Vulgarity, excessive marijuana smoking. You don’t do drugs and stuff. It comes off as kind of ghetto…”

Not exactly the epic pre-fight trash talk we were expecting, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Maybe they’ll some fireworks at the weigh-ins, or if worse comes to worse, I guess we’ll just have to settle for an entertaining fight.