Anderson SilvaWhen you’ve found yourself at the top of the mountain for as long as Anderson Silva has, you have to expect to have a bulls-eye on your back that seemingly grows larger every day.

As Anderson Silva continues his dominance of the UFC middleweight division, a growing list of fighters believe they might have what it takes to knock the champ off of his perch. Two of these fighters are Wanderlei Silva, who is making the move down for 205 with a quick stop at 190 to take on Rich Franklin, and Demian Maia, a submission wizard who thinks he has what it takes to make Silva fall victim to one of his submissions.

But what does the always respectful Anderson Silva have to say about all of this?

“How much do you weigh? So why are you going to get yourself in trouble?” Anderson asked of Wanderlei.

Anderson has his own answer to the question: He called Wanderlei’s move to 185 “pretentious.”

“Saying that you will beat me up or submit me is very easy, but there have been people trying to do that for some time and are not reaching their goal, Demian.”

My sentiments exactly. How many times have we heard that so-and-so will be the one to finally take out a division champion on an unstoppable roll?

Good for Silva to show confidence in his abilities and finally get fed up with hearing how ‘he’s good, but..’

There is no but. This guy is awesome, period.