Monte CoxSo, I think Monte Cox has officially lost his mind.

I think we can all agree the Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer boxing match was a terrible idea from the start. It only got worse when Cox decided to take his show on the road after the NJACB officially declared the fight stupid as well.

Really, could it get any worse? Yes, yes it can.

The previously announced “Adrenaline III: Sylvia vs. Mercer” headline boxing match between former MMA champion Tim Sylvia and boxing champ Ray Mercer will be held in a mixed-martial-arts cage, Adrenaline MMA CEO Monte Cox confirmed in a Thursday press conference in Birmingham, Ala.

“It just makes sense on so many levels, and it adds another twist to the main event,” Cox stated in reference to the cage.

LOL, seriously? You know who this makes sense to? It makes sense to the elephants, the bearded lady, the clowns and apparently the ringleader himself.

I don’t know, either Cox can’t afford to get a ring and is trying to spin this, or he really has lost his mind. Either way, this event is rapidly approaching YAMMA I and K1 Dynamite!! USA as the largest train wreck in the history of mixed martial arts or boxing, or whatever.