Tom AtencioApparently, Tom Atencio has had a change of heart—or has an alter-ego, I’m not really sure which yet—about countering UFC 100 with Affliction’s third event.

Remember a few weeks ago when Tom said the big rumor was a possibility? Here, let me refresh your memory in case you don’t.

“I think it could work. I really do.”

“I haven’t finalized [the date]. [Scheduling an event for July 11] is a thought in the back of my head, but whether it’s going to happen or not is a different story.”

Well, pretty much everyone and their mother thought it was their worst idea yet at the time. Well, guess who thinks it’s horrible idea now? Yep, Tom Atencio.

Affliction is currently in the development stages of promoting its third event. Rumors of a July 11 date that would counter-program UFC 100 have been widely circulating. Atencio said while nothing is finalized, that plan would be absurd.

“That’s all rumors, and that’s just what people think,” Atencio said. “In my eyes, it’s not even a possibility. It doesn’t make sense.”

See? It’s like two different people!

All the contradictions aside, at least Tom now recognizes that it makes no sense at all. That or maybe whatever TV deal he was working on fell through. Who knows, but for now, it doesn’t look Affliction is going to nosedive and blow up into a big ball of flames.

Well, at least not on July 11.

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