Chuck Liddell

I don’t know exactly what [Dana] means by “dazzle,” but I’m planning on coming out and knocking this kid [Shogun] out, so that should leave that situation just fine…I think he was in horrible shape for that fight. But I’m expecting him to fix that problem, whether it was a problem in his camp or just something that wasn’t going right for him, I’m expecting him to be in much better shape when we fight. I’m positive he’ll show up in better shape for our fight...I plan on throwing everything I have at him and knocking him out…That simple. I plan on making it an exciting fight and a fun fight for the fans to watch. It’s going to be a good fight, an exciting fight — as long as it lasts.

Chuck Liddell tells MDS about his gameplan for Shogun this Saturday night at UFC 97.

Come to think of it, has there ever been a fight Chuck hasn’t said he’s going to knock his opponent out?

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