Alistair OvereemOne of the more exciting news stories to come out this weekend’s Strikeforce event was Alistair Overeem claiming he was going to defend his Strikeforce heavyweight title on June 6. Of course, the immediate question was, who’s his opponent?

The intial rumor was Brett Rogers, but immediately following the “Shamrock vs Diaz” event, all signs started to point towards Fabricio Werdum.

But, is it going to happen? Maybe, maybe not.

MDS caught up with Scott Coker, and tried to find the answer. Turns out Werdum is now signed to the organization, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to fight Overeem on June 6.

Will Alistair Overeem fight on June 6?
We’re trying to work it out. It’s not guaranteed, but we’ll try to put it together.

Who would his opponent be?
That hasn’t been determined yet.

Did you just sign Fabricio Werdum?
Yeah, but that’s not a fight necessarily we feel we’d have to do first.

Frankly, aside from Fabricio Werdum I’m not sure you have any heavyweights who could give Alistair much of a test.

Well, there are some other free agents out there, and guys fighting with other companies who aren’t exclusive. So we’ll explore those options before we make the announcement of who he’s fighting.

Coker goes on to say they have a good relationship with Affliction, and that Fedor is certainly a possibility for Alistair in the future, so despite not having much heavyweight talent in the promotion, it definitely sounds like we could see quite a few big heavyweight fights in Strikeforce down the road.

As for June 6, assuming Alistair fights, my best guess is they’ll go with Werdum unless they’re able to borrow a big name from outside the organization. Brett Rogers isn’t ready, and Coker said as much in the interview. Either way, Strikeforce seems to be doing an excellent job with what they have, so I don’t think we’ll have anything to complain about once an announcements made.

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