Dana WhiteJust last night, I said it was nice to see someone in the media actually challenge Dana on his answers. Well, it must be a full moon, because Michael Lansberg isn’t the only interviewer giving Dana a tough interview. Carmichael Dave, who has done many interviews with Dana White and from the ones I’ve actually heard (maybe he’s been tough before), he’s usually pretty lax with Dana.

Not this one. The topic was Fedor Emelianenko, and while nothing really new came out of it, it’s absolutely worth checking out. Here’s a few excerpts.

Carmichael Dave: Well, that’s what they said….today (ed. note: An Affliction representative was contacted to confirm during this interview) If Affliction and M1 came to the table with a one fight offer, would you take it?

Dana White: No. That’s stupid business. That’s why you and your crew need to stick to radio and leave the fight business to me.

Carmichael Dave: (laughs) Me and my crew? You mean my one year old and 6 month old? Let me guess why its stupid business. You guys make money and give the fans what they want based on one fight….but when he beats that ass, and leaves the UFC….the entire Heavyweight division forever has the dreaded “asterisk” on it. It in essence gives Fedor all the bargaining chips.

Dana White: Oh Jesus! You live in fanboy internet land! If he beats ass and has all the bargaining chips?? What the fuck does that mean? He signs a deal he’s happy with then fights and cleans out the division. He PROVES he’s the best. Pretty clear cut and simple. You guys try and make it out to be some crazy conspiracy or some bullshit. I have done deals with thousands of guys that are way more famous then him.

We bring the fans all the fights they want to see already. You don’t do a one fight deal with people when you’re in the fight business. I don’t do it with people you have never heard of, so why would I do it with him? And if he’s so great, he needs to fight more than once to prove it.

And here’s half the reason why it will never happen, at least while Fedor & M-1 have options outside the UFC.

Carmichael Dave: I know of course, when speaking about negotiations, you cannot be specific. Is there any chance that some things that were perhaps off the table the last time you guys spoke….would you consider putting them back ON the negotiating table?

Dana White: Nope.

The entire interview is great, so make sure you check it out.

One thing that was brought up was the disagreements over Fedor’s Sambo competitions. Dana mentions in the interview that he can’t sign Fedor to a one-fight deal, and sit around and wait for him to compete in Sambo. While I agree with Dana that a one-fight deal would be a bad business decision on their part (not that I didn’t wish it would happen), I completely fail to see how this whole Sambo thing is even an issue. We’ve all seen the videos. It’s usually Fedor in one or two matches that end in less than a minute. Fedor has said he puts his professional fighting career before Sambo, so if there was a scheduling conflict (Fedor competes in what two of them a year?), I’m sure he’d choose the paying fight over the Sambo compeition he’s won a million times. I have serious doubts that is as big of an issue as it’s made out to be.

Nevertheless, the situation is what it is, and isn’t going to change until something major changes for one or both of the parties.

One final note, I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with Chuck and Dana regarding Chuck’s retirement. Being such good friends, you wouldn’t expect Dana to be saying Chuck’s retiring if he loses when Chuck actually has no intention of retiring. Well, at the bottom of this interview, Dana is a little too obvious, and gives it away.

Might be the last time you ever see Chuck Liddell fight live or on television. The legend, the iceman, the man who helped build Mixed Martial Arts…Yes. He’s one of my best friends, but this could be it. He helped build this business, but this might be his last fight ever.

Someone’s merely trying to sell pay-per-views. So there you have it, Liddell fans, no need to worry. Chuck isn’t going anywhere until Chuck wants to.